WIP: Person at a desk

I made an animation of a person at a desk at https://youtu.be/sImwuyXdqBs and would like feedback as to how realistic the motion is. I want to know how believable it is and how to make it less robotic. At this point I’m not concerned about materials and background. So far I have not animated the eyes and plan to do that later.


Hey nice animation! I’d say you’re doing good so far. Check out this 2 minute video about follow through and overlapping action and maybe it might help with the next stage (mentions characters arms at 1:39).

Thanks for the response. I edited my animation to have the head move few frames after the body when it leans forward and back, and to continue moving the head a bit after it stops leaning. I also adjusted the keyframes on the lower arms and hands 2-3 frames after the upper arm, so that the elbow leads the lower arm.

The new animation is at https://youtu.be/KwF3KhGTFbk .