WIP Person talking at a table

I have a very rough draft animation at https://youtu.be/dB48U5kaNlY and I want to know how realistic the motion looks. I realize the mouth opens and closes in the same way while the character is talking. I didn’t keyframe the mouth shapes of the specific sounds yet. I’m most concerned if the animation looks natural, believable, realistic and not wooden or robotic.

Hey 4096,

You should focus on pacing all the events in the animation. For example, when the character makes hand movements, the animation is jerky and not fluid. You cannot go from a static position to a rapid movement without any buildup or anticipation. You should also slow down the movements of the hands; it kind of looks like they’re just flailing around.

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I’ve partially read animation books but I find them to be very vague and can’t really understand how to follow the principles like anticipation, pacing, and timing. For anticipation, the books say that the action starts with the opposite of the action happening at the beginning. For example, to jump first requires bending down, and to throw a punch first requires moving the arm back before moving forward. Moving the arm back to throw a punch is to build up momentum, and bending down before jumping is to push on the ground, so that an equal and opposite reaction will push the person up. This doesn’t make sense in most circumstances. I don’t think that before people start to look in a certain direction, they initially move their head toward the opposite direction first.

Moving the eyes before the neck and body seems like a way to follow the principle of anicipation, but I don’t know how to do this with hand gestures/body language. I suspect that when people move their arms and hands, they move slowly at the beginning of the action and faster near the end.

I noticed the elbows are jerky and wobble. This is a consequence of the IK constraints finding a different rotation value for the upper arm when the hand is moved.

I rendered two more versions of this animation: one at half speed and one at two-thirds speed (though I did not adjust the keyframes):

Hello again 4096 :smiley:,

Anticipation does not always apply, but it’s always good to keep in mind. I guess I should have really said anticipation and follow-through, since the two go hand in hand. :sweat_smile:

Try adding some frames in between your movements. You could also try changing your setup for the arm IK bones.

I think like the version at half speed the best; the animation looks a little more fluid and believable. You should try adding some movement to the fingers and to the different sections of the hand next. Also just going back and refining movements, like at 0:10 - 0:11 (on the 0.5x version), would make the animation look way better. It looks way better now and you should be proud of it! :smile:

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try also move your shoulders when you move your hands,
also a quality animation need a decent rigging character