WIP: Power Pack!

(Daniel Hudd) #1

This may be familiar to some of you who enjoyed '80s Marvel comics. Coming along, but I do wish I could figure out how to improve the face and hair.


(0ptikz) #2

Personally, I think that it looks great - Very nice Cartoony Anime feel to it.

The face is fine too :wink:

(joecool) #3

yeah it’s very good. IMHO, the cheeks are a little too puffed out, but it still looks good nevertheless.
Great Job! :stuck_out_tongue:

(garbager) #4

My my my !!!
I can’t believe someone actually remebers Power Pack !!
I was a huge fan !
Really good character.
But it’s right the morphology is too puffy.
It would suits more to the yellow girl.
the pink is much thiner.
Anyway, I’m so glad you resurrected one of them !
If you have time, please try to make the whole team
(including Franklin)


(Daniel Hudd) #5

Ha! I knew there’d be someone else here who was a fan! :smiley:

And funny you should mention the body type, since I was working on Katie at one point, then decided to make it Julie instead. My plan currently is to finish tweaking and rigging this model. Once that’s done, making the rest of the team should be easy, since their costumes are all alike except for color and symbol.