WIP: Project "Reiya"

I’ve been teaching myself to use Blender using various tutorials and i am currently working on a project to improve my 3d modeling skills. Taking a try at 3d modeling for more taditional 3d animation type work.

My project is a story about a boy and a girl.

Her name is “Reiya”
Click for larger view:

the inital body mesh offered several issues in proportions and apparently “topography” problems which i never got a clearer explaination of. So after searching around for tutorials i’ve gone ahead and restarted the body section of Reiya’s mesh.

Click for larger view:
New Reiya mesh + Rigging

The new body is a bit more proportional for the most part, but there are of course problems which i’m unsure how to really fix up. While i would appreciate any help with this project (VOLUNTEER!!!..err i mean…Hi) I’d like to understand how to fix it myself too so I can learn how to improve my abilities with 3d modeling. I was planning to build the base body model then modeling clothes seperately instead of just painting them onto her using progressive texturing. While it could work for most of her clothing i was hoping to get a more 3d look and feel instead of simply a flat body with clothes painted on. I was also hoping to apply physics to the clothing in order to get it to move without needing to apply bones and guess how things should move.

Just for the fun of it, here’s the design work for the yet to be named hero of this story.

Any advice/suggestions on how to fix up Rieya’s mesh or links to helpful tutorials will be greatly appreciated. I was told “Heat Weighting” could help but i can’t seem to find the option. I’m running Blender 2.45 which I’ve heard has it…still having trouble tracking it down. Thanks for taking the time to read this far! If anyone is interested in hearing more about the project/story let me know and i’ll include more information.

Well there’s something worth remembering. Maybe mention it if another Blender newbie has a problem, turns out the arrangement of stuff in the modifier stack affects the mesh. ie my previous problem with part of Reiya’s mesh deforming strangely.


After moving the Subsurf modifier under the Armature modifier the body mesh deformed much smoother than previously.Now to just look up some reference for modeling the knees and elbows. After a bit more tweaking to get the body proportions and curves to look a bit more normal I’ll replace the old mesh with this one then return to evaluating my options as far as clothing goes. Seeing as Blender has very limited clothes sim options I’ll probably just have to link various articles of clothing to the armatures and hope that applying physics does the rest.

One thing to consider is that i’m using physics to supply the bounce in Reiya’s rack. If I’m using physics on the clothing what will i have to do to keep them from falling through (since I can’t apply more than one softbody modifier to the mesh) I would like to use physics for certain movements in order to keep from having to apply too many armatures and hand animate certain things. I already have to look up how to apply “Controller” armatures to this thing. Oh well, Thanks to taking the time to read this far!