[WIP] q_p

(Darcvizer) #1

Interactive creation of primitives.
HotKey ctrl + RightMouse

fix modifiers
add uv Sphere
add plane

(Darcvizer) #2

If the first button is pressed Q, then the Boolean mode

(Pitiwazou) #3

Great ! I like it, well done, )

(Darcvizer) #4

the cylinder blank is ready

(uruburei) #5

Uau! Great work!

(Leukbaars) #6

Oh I really like this! Very useful :slight_smile:

(Darcvizer) #7

I can give development 1-2 days a week so I think in 2-3 months there will be release :slight_smile:

(PyroGXPilot) #8

(Darcvizer) #9

It seems but not that

(nBurn) #10

Very nice! This is based off of your Stream Tool, no?

o/ Pyro. That’s the older version, newest version is here. NP_float_tube and NP_float_cone were left out of NP Station though.

(Darcvizer) #11

@nBurn No, this is a separate branch. In the end it will be a pie menu with basic primitives.

(uruburei) #12

I can’t activate this addon

(Darcvizer) #13

try this - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjdF7JAxsRS-hmuVp2ptF8UQYsr0
I want to warn that raycast sometimes pierces through

(uruburei) #14

The activate is ok!
In Boolean operations this is forming some artifacts as in the “destructive extrude addon”.
Would not it be due to the default of Blender operations being in BMesh?

(wilBr) #15

wow… thank you. interactive primitives with autogrid… can this use snap?

(Darcvizer) #16

@uruburei Thank you.
@wilsimar I will definitely do it.

(bliblubli) #17

Really well thought!

(Darcvizer) #18

download - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjdF7JAxsRS-uHCy7ViiZusTH4xi
HotKey ctrl + RightMouse

(uruburei) #19

Thank you very much for your work.
It’s working very well.

(Darcvizer) #20

fix modifiers
add uv Sphere
add plane

@uruburei Thank :slight_smile: