[WIP] Radio Tower/Station Isometric Environment

Starting a new project to practice creating environments. I had the idea of making a radio tower and the surrounding area, with a control cabin and everything else that it’s needed for someone to work/live there.
I’m using as base the towers in Far Cry 3, he towers could have some other purpose, but not sure yet.

I will try to post the whole process in here, but I think will take some time for me to finish it. I will make an isometric scene, and as for the style of the models and texturing, I will try to go for a middle ground between realistic and stylized, as I think exaggerated details might stand out more in iso view.

Feel free to leave any feedback, it’s much appreciated!

These images are more of a concept to have an idea where everything is going, also plan to add some trees around it.

Don’t have a lot of time to work on it, but I managed to make a little progress.

Power Generator

Close up of the radar/satellite dishes.