WIP reel for SF/Comedy short

I’m working on a five-minute short where an alien comes across a still-functioning Apollo moon rover and has himself a wild ride: http://vimeo.com/11956617

Opening myself up for critiques and recommendations (especially with regard to animating a tentacled character and adding low-poly craters to the lunar surface).

Some stills from the video are attached. Thanks in advance for anything you guys can offer.


LOVE THE IDEA! Like what you’ve done so far and cannot wait to see the finished article

i especially like the part where the LRV roams around, it looks smooth!

@zeffii - I suppose you can see what I meant about the style of the rover – not intended to anywhere near as detailed as what you’re doing, but conveying the basic features of the vehicle.

Thanks for your comment on the motion! It took a bit of thought to create an general-purpose rig for smooth movement over the surface. Now if I could just sculpt some decent lunar terrain…

very interesting what you have done so far. The car’s ride looks very realistic. The wheels don’t slide even a bit. Also it seems to follow very well the irregularities of the terrain. I guess you used a curve Follow path right? The Alien looks good too. However I would add a mesh deform for more elasticity in its expressions. Good Job, can’t wait to see your final master piece ! :slight_smile: