WIP/Resource: Hair

Hi, making hair for the game engine would suck up huge, talking mega, amounts of frames per second, but planes with textures is much easier, and takes up half the FPS. Startling results with that method, here is a screeny:

Pretty sad FPS, but pretty awsome hair. still some shtuff ta fix but comming along very well.


Cool hair, could you make it a softbody so it moves?

If you wanna bring your framerate down to ZERO!


This is a good tutorial for hair

That is a nice tutorial, that I have read before. The problem is the software that the author uses. Some of those tutorials written for other programs do not translate well to blender

well i’m glad you guys are replying, thanks. Btw, the hair alone is only 2115 faces:).

You should be able to do everything in free programs?

Paint hair in Gimp

Bake normal maps in blender

Composite normal maps in Gimp

Display in blender

2115 polys or tris?

But i guess that for the great effect, it’s worth that many…