WIP: Restoration (Cylinder Block)

Hi all,

FP to elysiun so please go easy ! been lurking forever :smiley:

This is a scene I’ve put together basically as a test bed for working on my lighting and materials skills.

NOTE: The cylinder block model is not mine (should be obvious to most) and comes from Chris Plush’s (blengine’s) long-standing Blender tutorial on chrome reflections. The tute can be found here: http://www.elysiun.com/tutorials.php?id=8

Looking for C&C on lighting, material and scene setup as I’m pushing for photo-realism (with a long way to go).

Here it is:


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PS: Thanks to the guys at mudpuddle.co.nz for providing an image hosting service for blender users!

The metal on the right seems a little too whitish to me… maybe increasing the ray depth would help it reflect itself better, or make some sort of simple world/environment for it to reflect? The one on the left looks pretty good, though if you’re going for ultra-grimy it could be even dirtier. As it is, it looks not very smooth, but fairly clean and shiny.

Overall, though, the picture looks pretty good. Keep tweaking it to get it to do exactly what you want :slight_smile:

Left one should have more dirt, usually there is heavy layer of sand or sand dust where oil seeps through bolt holes etc. Gasket remains would look nice too and some carbon remains and scratches on cylinder bore.
Keep it going.

It looks very good. The chrome on the right one is indeed too white. Make your base material colour almost, if not completely black. That helps get a better chrome look.

The checkerplate metal texture you have on the floor is wrong. The bumps should be going out, not into the metal.


Wow, good work guy ! :o
If you’re looking for photorealism, you would have to add a focal blur… Then as my own sens is the top of the left engine too…pink ? :expressionless: And this one must be very grass, you know… :wink: My last crit is that the texture on the floor isn’t defined well… (just seek out the bottom of your pic %| ).

Continue this good work guy !
PS: is it YAF or Blender stuff ?? :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback!

rivwanderer, BgDM: I agree - the chrome version is too white, but it’s reflecting the environment. My fault for not giving it a decent environment to reflect… working on it…

Jogi, EBrain: The one on the left use a bit more dirt… I was going for a sandblasted feel, but was having a lot of trouble getting the granularity right. As far as the checkerplate goes… I think I just used the wrong texture for the job. I’ve defined a bump map for the checkerplate, but couldn’t seem to overcome some problems with the texture.

Its a straight blender render. Still can’t get anything decent with yafray no matter how much I play around with it.

I’ll try a couple of things and post another render…

Still trying to get the lighting right.

PS: Any tips on the best way to achieve focal blur in blender ?

wow! that is really cool looking. maybe put a wrench or something there also. no crits other than that. very cool :smiley: