WIP Rexy From Jurassic Park/World

Hello Everyone!

I’m brand new to blender, but I did some modeling on C4d back in high school. I’ve been using some youtube tutorials by Jjannaway3D (while taking some liberties of my own,) To create the Tyrannosaurus from Jurassic world. I’m a little stuck though. I’m pretty darn near close to finishing the sculpt, but I don’t know what step to take next. FYI my computer is not very powerful, and it has problems when i go into sculpt mode or import it into sculptris. I’d like to add details to it, but I don’t know if I should texture it first or sculpt it first.

If you need the blend file, let me know.

Thanks for your help!

it’s a good start, you clearly understand topology quite well.

for sculpting, here’s my attempt to explain. there are 2 ways that you can sculpt with blender.

  1. multi-resolution sculpting, the old school type, but quite effective. to do this, first you must add a multi resolution modifier for your mesh, and by clicking “subdivide” your mesh now have more verticies to work with, and it basically do exactly what the sudivision surface modifier do. now you can go into sculpt mode and start sculpting, every changes are made onto the existing vertex of that subdivide level, and once you feel like you need more detail, aka more verticies to work with, press subdivide again, and now your mesh is even more detail, and the verts count have increased generally twice or even three times. repeat the same steps till you are satisfied with the amount of details you achieved.

because it is base on a modifier, if the mesh is slowing down your view port due to the large amount of verticies, you can simply tone down the amount of subdivision level of the preview panel, the number in the render panel is the subdivision level that the model will be rendered on. and the sculpt panel is the subdivision level to be display in sculpt mode.

  1. dyntopo sculpting. it is short for Dynamic Topology, enabled by go to sculpt mode and in the tools section, scroll down and find Dyntopo and click the Enable dyntopo button. basically, this type of sculpting is making details directly on to your mesh, creating additional vertex as you go. so it is a destructive process, because all your effort in making a good topology for your base model willl be destroyed. it also don’t retain any information such as vertex color or uv map. so it is more suitable for a different work flow then the one you are doing. many artist refer to use dyntopo sculpting to make the artistic version of the creature or whatever they are making first, not worrying about topology, and than make the actual, usable model later through an action called Retopology.

since both type of sculpting generate a truck load of verticies, aka, more infos, so there will be a limit to what your computer can withstand, i personally can only go as far as 2 million verticies for sculpting. so using the textures to imply these details would be a good enough alternative, if you got good eough 2d designing skills.

feel free to ask questions, though i’m no expert, i’ll try to answer them.

So with dyntopo sculpting, would that be good for making a bump/normal map with it?

Got my computer to start working with me in sculpt mode! I’m darn near done with the head and starting on the neck.

I made a seperate file with the original mesh, and I’m planning on baking this one on.

Critiques, suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated!

Finished with the sculpt!!!

I was thinking of doing the scales, but that would have been too tedious for my tastes! Just willing to start on textures right now. Is it possible to mesh two different types of bumps/normals? Like if i did the scale bump in the textures and combined it with this hi-poly bake on the low poly?

sure you can, bake a normal map from the sculpt, then use the texture map as a bump map, combine the 2 with a Vector math node. i suggest get to know the render engine first. blender have 2 render engine (technically 3 but the other 1 is the game engine, which i don’t know much about), the blender render, aka blender internal is the old school one and don’t really do a very good job, people mostly use it for cartoons renders. cycles render is the future of blender, featuring an easy to use and very flexible. so check out these videos about it:

highly recommend every one of BlenderGuru videos BTW.

for your rexy, well you can go a bit more crazy with the sculpt if you like, but i understand if your machine doesn’t allow that.

Did some more sculpting. Looked at a few more references. I’m pretty satisfied now.

Hi Everyone!!!

Just started on sculpting the details on her face! Turning out a lot better than I thought she would be!

Any Critiques and advice would be greatly appreciated!

Looks good so far. Keep adding details don’t forget about your main form though.

Hey guys! You ever have that thing when you think you should keep adding details, but you don’t know when to call it quits or when it’s good enough? That’s me right about now. Should I just leave her be at this point and start the retopology so I can get on to texture painting?


that’s a decent level of details already. but it is more so on the neck and head, the rest of it is still bland. while you’re at it, why not sculpt more on the body as well.

also, is this multires or dyntopo?

Wow, that head looks amazing!! I’d definitely not want to meet her in a dark alley! Or… well… anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

The body does seem a little under detailed for how detailed the head is. But I guess you can get away with that with really great textures? Maybe?

This is dyntopo. Surprisingly my computer handles it better than multires. I don’t know why…

Hey guys!!! After…what…Two months of modeling this thing, I FINALLY got the sculpt to where I’m fully satisfied with it! The only problem now is the retopology. I guess a few youtube tutorials should help me out in that!!!

Anyway… here’s the finished sculpt!

Just for fun, here’s my 44 foot long 20 ton golden statue of a T-rex!

Anyway, critiques would be nice, and any advice is welcomed!!!

Oh wow! :smiley:

Looking beautiful! Love the sculpting on the knees especially, you’ve captured the musculature perfectly.