[WIP] Rhino Surfacing Tools in Blender

(jesterKing) #1

Hey there,

prototyping an integration of Rhino into Blender using the Rhino3d compute platform.

Here an early result:

  • Rhino Loft - Select edge loops (eventually curves), loft with shift+enter. Selection order is maintained for getting wanted lofting result.

Note,this is very early work still, so many issues still stand, like getting proper smooth surfaces and actually use curves. Possibly even allow selecting edge chains on complete meshes to loft. Then of course many more surfacing tools from Rhino, like network, revolve, etc.

I’ll update this thread with any progress in the coming weeks and few months.

The add-on itself will be eventually released and be free, but to be able to use it a valid Rhino 6 license will be needed.


Cool! Will you be able to use this Rhino Compute to tesselate Rhino files inside Blender?
Would be perfect for rendering of CAD data.

If you build surfaces inside Blender with Rhino tools is it possible to trim surfaces and such as well?
Can Rhino compute use all tools that is available in Rhino?

(jesterKing) #3


Possibly. I just need to figure out a good way to do the conversion from Blender to Rhino data structures.

Well, everything that is published in the SDK. According the stats over 2400 RhinoCommon calls are available - should be good for a wide range of tools.

(jesterKing) #4

NetworkSrf capability


(bilibili) #5

Hallo Freunde,
Ich warte auf sie

(jesterKing) #6

Work slowed down a bit as I’ve had loads to do for Rhino Mac v6. Once my list get cleared out (drag&drop stuff todo atm) I’ll be back at the surfacing tools.

(parel) #7

If you could bring in Rhino nurbs curves- that would be an addon I would pay for. Sorely needed.
Edit: Just had a look at GP2 cleanup curves…those seem to be moving in the right direction.

(jesterKing) #8

I think I might be able to get the Rhino Inside working in Blender on Windows.

(visualizer) #9

You really think? it would be a all new dimension really !

(jesterKing) #10

Yes, I need to get a dependency compiled for Python 3.7, but then I should be able to use Rhino Inside with Blender.

(bilibili) #11

Expecting :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

(jesterKing) #12

There’s some problems with Rhino trashing the OpenGL context of Blender, causing Blender to disappear when trying to load Rhino. Still investigating and trying to get to run.