[wip] robot

Heres my robot .Just want to share my progress and please leave comment below to point any thing that i done wrong or what i should change.


Looks pretty good, although I would make the top of his head more rounded, and the bottom (his jaw I guess) more angular. That would make him look more robotic.

Idk how to make head more rounded i tried everything, any advice please

If you use the reference picture (press “N”, set as background image, press numpad 1 or 3 to set view), you can move the vertices to match his head. Or you can make a UV sphere (as a new mesh), and use that as a reference.

For the bottom of his head, after you make it less rounded, you’re going to need to add an edge loop, and move it as close to the bottom as you can, so that your subsurf modifier doesn’t smooth out that edge. It still will round it out, but the rounding will be between vertices that are very close, so it will look angular.