WIP: Robotic Arms


I posted stills a LONG time ago, but I have some animation done. Comments?

http://www.soylent-green.com/RAtest.mpg (3MB)


This is only like 375 of 2850 frames.

Robert Wenzlaff
(AkA Detective Thorn)


I love this anim.

neat work.

need more coming. :smiley:

  • Satish.


Very good movements. Camera work is a little jumpy IMO. Seems to be too close and moves around very fast.


i like the anim. very smooth.

was on your site and found the tank track script. any chance of an update?
posted on the python\plugin forum about it. i’m lookin for such a script for a while now.

Wow I love this one … reminds me of Wallace and Grommit stuff.
The cam movements are very smooth, this is excellent.

What’s next ?


Seriously smooth :o , I like it, i’m sure it will be even better when it is finished. :smiley:

Yeah, I know the pans are a bit fast. I’m trying to show that for the first few secs, you are seeing through the eyes of Bot #1. I’m going to add some fake Motion blur with a gimp script (or real Mblur, if I can get the rendertime) for those frames.

I also have a few “close ups” planned to cut in and out from.

Same clip is up to 665 frames now:


and I have one with the audio (though the intro roll is missing, so it doesn’t sync yet.)


(Detective Thorn)

Nifty stuff. I like it, you got some real smooth realistic animation going on there… keep it up!

rwenzlaff man I’m going to be lookin forward to this motion :smiley: I also think the music fits aswell, keep it up…

Updated: 1050 Frames down, 1800 to go…

http://www.soylent-green.com/RaTest3.mpg (3.8 MB)

(Det. Thorn)