[WIP] Rock steady with Rocksteady

Hello everybody,
a few days ago I started with a personal project. I got inspired by the logo of a Zurich radio station which I liked a lot. Please check it out here. The idea was to do a record player with the the writing ‘rocksteady’, one of my favourite music styles, on it. Here are the analog and digital concept scribbles:

I already finished the headphones :cool:

I finally found some time to start with the record player. I use the Dual 1007A as reference. Please check http://home.arcor.de/dualschlippo/hifi/dual1007a.jpg for an example. Here is what it I did so far:

That’s a pretty good likeness of the turntable. That left-front mechanism is almost identical!

Thank you very much Anthony. Very appreciated :slight_smile:

Here are some reference images:

And here comes some progress on the turntable

Here comes a rather tiny update ;):

Looking good! The grooves in that vinyl record look pretty realistic.