WIP rube goldberg template

Right now there are some fun rigid bodies, an auto marble lifter, and textures. Every rigid body (except for boxes) is corrected for the .06 margin. Every rigid body has a density of 1±0.02, and the right CM.
Made with 2.43 preview 17.
go to: http://www.continuousphysics.com/Bullet/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=752&sid=604191144d630c4e79dfc44bb675e4b1
to get the latest version.

Get .blend here : http://uploader.polorix.net//files/52/machine.blend

Update:version two

Wow, try speeding up the coil a bit, it goes to slow. Those rings are cool too.

I would like a faster coil but if I make it faster, the balls get stuck and act unrealisticly.

I tried setting it to 0.05 and it worked fine.

I am also doing a rube goldberg, but had the idea for a coil…

how did you do yours? I always get the coil glitching out of the outer tube when I make mine…
(I am not trying to steal your idea)

edit: nvm I found out that I didn’t have to have something be an actor for it to be considered a boundry… interesting, it runs so much smoother now…

version two

(same url)

what’s new: marble switch, faster, more stable coil, beads on a string, a marble cup-n-drop, and some very minor stuff.
At this point it’s still free for all, but on higher versions I may ask for a little credit if it is entered in the contest.
Note: marble switch may have a slight center of mass error, unoticable.

What I need to do: better 3d models for non-dynamic objects.

screenshot pls! So I can see what i’m downloading thanks