WIP santa maria del fiore cathedral 3d model

This is a WIP of my latest project, hope you like it!


Crazy detail, I like it. I long you’ve been working on it?

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a week or two tops, for the entire cathedral

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That looks like lot of work and outcome is reflecting that!
Great attention to the details.
Are all those statues also mesh or using normal map ?

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many statues

how many verts overall?

is It only one file or using proxy ?

done in EEVEE or Cyles ?

keep up the good work
happy cl

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Beautiful… keep up the great work.:smiley::+1::+1::+1:

All of it is mesh, including the statues, thanks a lot!

I made 4 individual statues and edited them stripping them off their clothes to make 4 more, and put them into different positions, there are approx 150k polys into the front part, the whole cathedral has 1.6 M, it is only one file and the render is done in cycles, I don’t like Eevee for exteriors, thanks a lot!

Great work on modeling!

Let me say, however, that the light is very dull and dark, and the stone, which should be white marble (and green), looks rather like sandstone, that is, too dark and brown.
But it could be just the light, IDK.

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It has to do with lighting, indeed, this was just a simple soft light to show the front part, as I said my entire project is making the whole cathedral, so it’s not the final composition, however, I’m currently working on it and I think I’m going on the right way

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Fine, though that lighting is more appropriate to Varanasi than Florence.

Can I ask what those structure at the base are?

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is it based on a real model or made up ?

happy bl

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It’s a containing wall, only for compositing purposes I took some creativity freedom

Based on a real model

Don’t forget that Giotto’s campanile has a tip on top.