WIP: scene: valley


Nice - what software?


I really don’t know about those clouds… the rest of it is too WIPish for me to comment extensively.

well i had planned on rendering them a lot better, but now you mention it, i think i’d be better off without them.

Photoshop CS with Wacom Intuos 2 6x8 platinum

I want to see a wire!!! :wink: (JK)

nice, but the different layers could use some fading as the get lower.

cropped the image, ditched the clouds, refining the misty look a little more.


Yup. I think it works better without the clouds. Seriously, they looked like you used the spray-paint tool in Paint to make them :wink:

they were just roughed in, i was gunna flesh them out and stuff later, but i like to have most of the elements of the image right there before really putting in the detail.

Clouds look like a dinasaur (right) chasing a horse.


Would make for a bookcover, just put the title in the middle… well, at least that’s the feeling I get from looking at it…