WIP Sci-Fi Walker



WIP of a Sci-Fi Walker Mech inspired by warhammer 40K imperial guard Sentinel

Hi there,
I decided to post my progress creating my very first model in Blender (well, i redo it 4 times so it isn’t technically my first model). It’s a Sci-FI walker heavily but freely inspired by the sentinel 40K’s mini from Games Workshop (wich is itself heavily but freely inspired from Star Wars).

Critics, suggestion and idea are very welcomed

Last stage so far

An update after some days off

Some more work on the feet :


Starting the weapon part :


Some More progress :

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This is crazy bro! How long have you been learning hard surface modeling.

Hi there, thanks. Not so much, it’s my first real project. But Youtube is my friends

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Fancy I’m new to the 3D SCene too! Did u sketch one on paper or have a concept art for this work?

Model looks promising, but you should think about the centre of gravity and balance. In its current state it will not be able to stand but will fall over.

It’s inspired by a Wh40K mini, there is a lot of pics on their site

Thanks, you’re right about the balance. I will try to tweak the legs to get a better balance

Some more works on the weapons :

Some more details, was not happy about the cable so i remove them for now

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Hey i was inspired by you and have been trying out some hard surface modeling its super extremely difficultly can u point me to some resource you used when starting out? even paid courses is fine thanks mate :slight_smile: also are you using the subsurf mod to model this?

Hi there, i can point you to a few quality tutorials and add on :

Good luck

(I dont use any Subsurf modifier, only bool workflow)

Last version. I will now try to texture the model, then, eventually rigging it and modelling an interior. That’s project for later

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Looks amazing man! And thanks for all the help, I always thought hard surface was about modeling using sub surface modeling, what’s the difference between that and bool tool workflow? (Is it not using a sub surface mod make your model low polly? ) What is the main difference and can they produce good models using only the bool tool? Sorry mate I’m really new to hardsurface and really envy the progress you’ve made hope to be as good as you some day!:heart:

You can doo both workflow, each of them has his drawback. Arguably Bool workflow (using boolean to achieve the shape u want) is more easy and fast. His major drawback is that you generate lot of ngons that must be cleaned up if u want an all-quad meshe. That said, i do 3D as a hobby and do not plan to modelling for game industry. Moreover, mechanical parts can usually be animated without deformation even if it contain ngon, so i don’t care, it’s just about the fun for me.

wow, amazing progress