WIP: Sculpted glass

(VelikM) #1

The attendent on my bus collects glass, this an attempt to make one of the more interesting peices she’s bought.
It still needs a more interesting background.

(acasto) #2

looks great… but not convincinly glass, it kind’ve resembles a shower curtain twisting in the wind from an open window. Mayble a little more transparency. But looking good though :wink:

(VelikM) #3

The peice I’m copying is opaque textured glass. I’ve already set the Ztrans to 0.0
The original kind of looks like a twisted shower curtain.

If a tree falls in your DREAMS, and you HEAR it, is it REAL?

Only of you wake up to the smell of fresh broken branches. :wink:

(acasto) #4

ok…lol :smiley: … then it looks great. I guess I needed to know what the origional looked like.

(overextrude) #5

That’s actually rather interesting. Our local PBS station used to have a company called Blenko Glass sponsor some of their fund drives, and they used to show how the glass was made, as well as offer some oddly-shaped, colorful pieces of glassware as gifts to those who donate over a certain amount.

If this is really how the glass looks (the one owned by the attendant), I can’t help but wonder how its made.Get a better background, and maybe a slightly different angle, it could be a real cool image.

(BgDM) #6

That looks really good! I have seen similar peices in stores and such here.

Maybe take the COL slider on the texture and set it to 0.5 or so. Will probably make the glass look more transparent. Give it a lot more spec as well. It is glass :wink:


(Skates) #7

this would look nice if you rendered it using the refraction plugin or lightflow export. You’d get some nice caustics and whatnot. Anyway, it does look pretty nice but maybe work on the lighting a bit.

(gundamf91) #8

where can i get those plugins and how to call them out from blender? plz excuse my newbieness :frowning: