WIP: Shadowdale (Airdale Upgrade)

Thought I’d create a WIP thread for this next project I’m working on. Basically I’m planning on taking the original back to a style of gameplay similar to Resident Evil & Silent Hill. I’ll be making extra effort this time to create something that people will enjoy playing. All the old systems will be refined to give a better quality game. I have a few new additions planned too. With TomorrowMan’s help some gruesome normal mapped monsters should be included :smiley: C&C will be welcome as the game progresses…

At the moment I’m busy working on the front end of the game. Here’s what I’ve done so far…


looks quite professional, please finish it, can’t wait to give it a try

I cant wait either

Yeah, make us a demo of the game! :slight_smile:
It looks very promising! :wink:

Looking forward to this… I liked the last one, and boy did it have a scary ending!

Just a suggestion, though… the new one should have different gameplay… looking for all those gems got kind of tedious.

Pretty Good!:cool: Very Professional.:slight_smile:

If you need help modelling or texturing, let me know on the Cognitive threads. I’m Kt.

Hah, HL2 menu anyone?

Nice work, as others have said “very professional looking”. I wish you luck.

Thanks everyone. Aiming for this to be the best quality game I’ve made yet, and yes the menu design is inspired by HL2 :wink:

This is definately something I’ve taken into mind. The last version was more of a tech demo for me to develop the techniques. This version will be much more focused on the gameplay. I’m aiming to make it much more fun to play, and adding some more scary moments in there :slight_smile: I’m probably going to remove the gems altogether and plan out the game from scratch.

Thanks Kt, I’ll let you know as I get further into development.

yeah lookin good so far, how did you get that blur effect?

There was a thread made a while ago with a tutorial. I can’t remember what it was called, but i think it involved taking a pic of the menu, bluring it, then putting that up until the game fully loaded

what is the point of a loading screen in a blender game? does it acually load?

Here’s a couple of updates for today. Most of the work has been in coding so there’s not a lot I can post yet screenshot-wise.

Firstly I’ve added a resident evil style cut scene when walking between rooms. I plan to create several variants of this. Combined with sound effects they should help create some more suspense as to what’s coming up next…


New interface dialog box when picking objects up.


That’s the basic technique Wanted Bob. Take a screenshot from a static camera in your game, blur it, then map it over the front of the camera. A simple alpha fade will give a nice unblurring effect. You can also acheive several other cool effects like fading from black & white to colour doing this. I can’t remember if I wrote a proper tutorial on doing it sometime in the past. It was first used in the Transcendent Christmas Demo.

It basically serves to allow smooth fading into the menu. When developing the system I found that loading the background scene during alpha fades will cause the fading to stutter, and it didn’t look good… This system first allows a couple of seconds to fade into the loading screen before adding the background scene. A couple more seconds later after the scene has loaded properly the alpha blurring effect occurs and the whole thing looks smooth :slight_smile:

Ah, thats where I first saw this effect. That was a cool demo (and a really funny gift-giving clip!):smiley:

I am really looking forward to the first demo of this game!
In your ass, you people who are dissin’ Blender!
If ever I have the time, I will try to make a decent game in Blender; your work has given me the inspiration.
The best to you and to the people of elYsiun!

Hmm… I have found the old Transcendent Demo, and I found a vague description on how the fade in is done, but one part of it makes no sense to me. How do you animate the alpha transparency with an IPO, and is there a way for the game to realize when it is done loading, so it can switch to the menu?

I appreciate any help…

In ipo curve editor. select ColA for alpha.

looking good so far… to bad i dont like scary games like silent hill or resident evil games lol. keep up the good work.

now, i still dont get it. how does this “loading screen” work? when does it know when its all loaded?

Just to clarify MS-DOS’ comment, to add the curve for the colA, ctrl+left click in the IPO window. You can also animate with the RGB values as well.