WiP: Sharp GX 30

Hey all,
I just finished the mesh of my handy (sharp GX 30).
Now I´ll start texturing it.
For all of you who don´t know this handy:

ok, now my mesh:
this was rendered in Indigo but has still some mistakes in the mesh -.-

here are the fixed mesh pictures, made within Blender, but not rendered.

C&C greatly apreciated :slight_smile:

Greatz Michael

nobody who wants to give a comment?

here is a wireview, for all who want to see the mesh topology :slight_smile:


That is really good render.

Thx for the compliment :slight_smile:

the mesh needs some work, it is too subsurf-y. if you look at the hinge area on the real phone you can see that it is perfectly round (like a cylinder), but on yours you just carved it out of the face out of the phone.

i would suggest re-doing the phone again, it is nice, but not very accurate, i can see that it is not symmetrical.

where do you see that it is not symetrical??
Because in my oppinion it just can be symmetrical, as I mirrored one half onto the other.

The real phone antenna is longer than in your model and upper part of your antenna is too rounded:


yeah, I know that, have to improve that, but thx for the crit :slight_smile:

So, finally I found time to add some more details:
-I fixed the aerial of the phone, as it looked much to round first
-added the display an the speakers (the display will ne transparent)
-added the lighntning LED
-added the cam-modi switcher
-added the cam (I´m not really satisfied with it -.-)

I think that evening I´ll give you another little update :slight_smile:

So here we go with the results:

second one

and the third one:


C&C are greatly welcomed, of course :slight_smile:

Hey all, little update, added the keypad to my mesh.
Well, the topology ins´t that good, but rendered I don´t see really big mistakes.
Hope you like it:


and a quick render, within Yafray, only very poor materials assigned.

C&C aprreciated http://forums.cgsociety.org/images/smilies/smile.gif

Greatz Michael

around the bend area, there is a hinge. what I see is pulled mesh.
I suggest that after you do the details, apply subsurf and model the hinge.

Yeah, the hinge sucks :wink:
but I´m just to lazy at the moment to remodel this part
Secondary I don´t have mush time at the moment :frowning:

the key here is perfect modeling, i.e. exact details
you are doing good here, refine the model more a bit more, and then look at rendering :slight_smile:

keep it up

Thx guy :slight_smile:
next I´ll probably model the hinge!

Regards Michael

Hey all together,
another little update today.
I added the hinge, and tried to archieve better material settings.
Well, with the mats i´m not quite satesfied -.-


isnt it a bit long?

you think so?

Again another update :slight_smile:
C&C apreciated, as always :wink:

Greatz Michael

i like it but from this angle it looks like the top part s longer than the bottom?