WIP Sims Game - Another Release

Ok it comes in two flavors… one has a windows blender build that makes the game have more features (i added myself) and the other is just the .blend and no blender.exe but both have the .blend

there is a readme file there too
the keys are lower down this post and they are also in the ingame tutorial

.blend only

.blend and .exe



ok here’s a screen of the sims game… not much has changed… a few new objects… and mostly technical stuff… Also all the objects in the scene including the player were added in realtime.

Old Releases
Here Is Another Preview Release This One Has Much Less Bugs. It Also Has Some More Items.

when the main scene starts press “o” to add the player.

on the main scene hold right mouse button to go to rotate camera mode when in this mode you can also hole left button or middle mouse button to rotate diffrent ands zoom in and out.

and to bring up the ingame menu press F1 and use WSAD to navigate the mnu and E to select and Q to go back (when saving and loading use enter to select files instead of E) and when in adding mode click to place objects you should be able to figure out th rest :slight_smile:
download here
and if that download does not work here is another one from a diffrent site.

http://files.filefront.com//;5465318;;/ <<-- .7zip
http://files.filefront.com//;5465568;;/ <<–.zip
(Here is a preview release of my game tell me what you think)


(Another Video Preview)

(Using Objects)

(Player Customizer)

Lookin good. Ill be interested to see how far you get with this. Ive always liked the concept of the SIMS, but never really got into the games.

Woah nice. 3d sims, hehe. All the sim games of this type was 2d I think, painstaking loads of 2d sprites.

Looking great so far for just 15 hours. Lol, and you’ve got the main framework in place, :smiley: you sure work fast.

I’ll also be interested in seeing how this turns out.

Jason Lin

it looks really good!
the way he’s cooking seems a little unnatural, though…


no, it’s not that, it’s just that he’s standing weird. Do people ever really stand with their legs together and their back perfectly straight while they cook?

I’ve never played the sims, but I think you should do more whacky characters instead of people that look like people, and do more impossible and funny situations. Like pets such as cock roaches and 12 foot alligators. Cook with a stove that blows up all the time if you make a mistake.

Nope, the first sims had 3d characters and tile-based backgrounds/objects; Sims 2 is full 3d.

Still, looks like an interesting project you have going on. The deformation bug might be fixed in the next blender.

Haha, that’s pretty funny. My sisters Sims were so bad at cooking they kept burning the house down. One time when we first got the game she ran downstairs crying because all of her Sims died after a cooking accident :wink: It’s always funny too when you don’t take care of your kids and CPS comes to take them away. Ah, good times :slight_smile:

I think it would be a good idea to try and differentiate your game from the Sims somehow, because you won’t be able to come close if you are going for the exact same thing. Sims 2 is even more like an rpg with the goals system. So try and come up with a hook for your game that answers the question: “Why should I play this when I already have the Sims 2?”

Wow, that is really cool! You did a very nice job on the character!
Looking forward to more!


It’s not totally like the sims i’m not good enough to make a game like that. But, it’s more of what I can do nad i havn’t really thought of a goal.

i have the sims game for ps2 and i’m kinda making it like that.

right now i’m working on the gui

My First Double Post:mad: but i couldne find the delete button to delete my old one.:frowning:

Please Post C&C for the Hud on the first post

Looks like it does the job at the moment, prob could be a little jazzier imo. Functionability above Astheticality atm I would say. (Yes, they are both proper words, so I`m told. ;))

Updated Check The First post

Update At Top Please Crit!

More To Follow Soon Need Ideas Of What To Add Next Like Treadmill Or Hottub Or Whatever

Looks nice. For ideas…idk, like a treadmill or hottub or whatever would be cool :slight_smile:

How good is the characters’ pathfinding? Can they get around walls?

ya they go to wherever you click

but it’s fixed so you cant add objects so i’m trying to make a dynamic pathfinding script cause right now it uses a spiderweb shaped mesh to have the paths

ok here’s a sort preview of the pathfinding and adding objects in my game
(low quality video)

let me know what you think!

more updates to come soon

Wow! :slight_smile: Keep the updates coming.
The animation looks very well done. I`m curious to see how you handle the charecters interactions with items/objects.


Looks pretty good. The path finding seems to work very well. Would a tutorial or something on how the pathfinding works be possible?

ok heres another update
and also
it’s of using objects i hope you like it… pleas comment on it

and iconjunky thanks for the Wow! and here’s how i will handle the interactions in this update

and MagicMan the pathfinding script i use for this game is avalable at http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=69775
and i might think about a tutorial and i might not either way it’s gonna have to wait till this game is done
and thanks for the compliment on the pathfinding i made it for this game