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no banners, no crap just cool images

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(Goofster) #3

nuh, get lost… your images stink


ps. I know I’ll get smacked for this SO HARD on “DUMB 2002, the summer edition”

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hey hey hey, look at spruitje.nl, whoow…

(Goofster) #5

ouch, low blow. looks like we’re gonna have an old-fashioned showdown at DUMB. I suggest we meet at Central Station at 12:00 or as the texans like to say: “High Noon” 8)

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back to back, with our laptops

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updated with some pics in the work in progress section


check them out @ my homepage!

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very nice collection of links. well… your pics are cool, too.
i like your violin (great details).
added bookmark