[WIP] Small Artillery Duel game


i would like to present you a small game i am working on now for a week or so. Its a simple artillery duel. Try to hit the enemy cannon before it hits you. (Actually very easy since AI is not very smart yet). There are 3 random “levels” (just some obstacle cubes). As stated above, its wip and lots of things still miss:
more levels, more different block types, perhaps different cannon types and ammunition types, a proper background, start menu, win/lose screen etc.
But its sorta playable. Up and down arrow keys for angle, hold spacebar for power, release to fire.
Once its finished, it will be freely available as this very first alpha is, too.

Link to blend: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oevuivnytcwi8m9/art8.blend

Hope you like it at least a little.


I really enjoyed playing the game,can’t wait to see more.

Cool, nice system. I almost did not download it because of the lack of information, please post screenshots!

This is really interesting (and it also robs me of what I wanted to try :D) so well done to you.

The red player won! :slight_smile:

add in a secondary “super shot” that you can detonate in air,

you could “return to sender” there own shoot :smiley: