WIP - Sméagol

Hi guys! I’m doing the Sméagol to compose my ‘personal portfolio’. Still has a lot to do, but follows a wip development. =]

Impressive! I think it would be more like Sméagol if he had hair though.

Thanks Jacob718! This is just a wip, I will still do the rest of the body, hair, teeth, details of textures and more. =]

Really amazing stuff ! Hope to get to the same level as you one day ! Very inspiring ! May I ask how you created the skin texture ? Did you paint it ?

It’s looking really cool so far, can’t wait to see it finished.

Great work on the skin as always. I guess it’s environment/lighting dependant but subdermal could be a bit more de-saturated.

Very inspiring work! I can’t wait to see the final render!

Thanks for comments guys!

Danny10117, thanks man! I did in “Texture Paint” first added a clean skin texture and then went painting the details (bruises, spots, stains and other). It’s still a test, I will make more details in texture. =]

Xy.exe, thanks man! I also agree, I will try to improve this issue.

It’s looking good @Ricardo 3D! I’m curious, it appears as though you’re getting SSS in the viewport with “Textured” viewport shading enabled whereas I would expect only “Rendered” to deliver SSS results. Is that what’s happening?

Thanks TheLuthier! Is that I took some prints in different ways in 3D view to put into a single image, but unintentionally cut out the screen in “rendered” without the panel buttons. =]

Ah I see. Keep up the good work!

Wow, great job! It definitely deserves to be in your portfolio. :slight_smile: