[WIP] Snare drum in Blender (DW Performance)

Hello everybody !

I am trying to model this snare drum in blender :


I have already modeled the logo, the lugs, the screws, the little plastic and metal circles underneath it and the snare top head (everything is not at the right scale for now).

But I am struggling with modeling the curvy metal part on top of the shell (and also at the bottom), in which the screws go in. I have tried a few times but I always have a strange result. Would somebody have an advice ? Thank you very much ! :smiley:

  • Thomas


Here’s one.

If you ask how - extrude circles. Then delete parts what should go from the biggest diameter where the screws fit in. Instead of vertex rotating to get flat sides i used knife and made ‘shortcuts’ from top view. Then replace faces by extruding down.

Thanks Eppo. But I was not talking about that part, sorry if I wasn’t specific enough. As you can see above, I already modeled the part you sent me. ^^ Here is the part I’m talking about.

Thanks Eppo ! But I was not talking about that part, as you can see above, I already modeled the part you sent me. ^^ Sorry if I wasn’t specific enough.

I am talking about that part :

My bad then.
Circled - looks fairly easy enough if i think how this is made…Proportional editing or Curve points Ctrl-T twisted could do one segment imho. Circular Array, Solidify could do the rest.
Edit: kind of doable - http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=88878

I actually found how to do it, here’s the result. I used an array modifier and a curve modifier, starting from a very basic shape. Thanks for your replies Eppo (and sorry for the double post).