WIP somethings missing

hey, im making my 1st blender model but i need something extra on the leg reagon like decorative, since the top half of his body and face will have light blue tribal style tattoos and his hair will be anime bleach blond and yeah any ideas, feel free to leave any critique but keep in mind i havn’t finished detailing it (i still need to put creases in his pants and put like a fly and pockets)
ps i was kind of thinking like kind of like a hanging robe type thing or like a sache of cloth but couldnt come up with any decent looking designs,

Hi Cycrasx =)

I think you’ve got a good thing going here! As for a cloak, I’d recommend something that drapes over one side of his body… sort of like… I don’t know… just have a cape, but have it drape over one side of his body, half in back and half in front, with a sash of some kind going around his neck, maybe held together by a clasp of some kind. Sort of like General Grievous’ bodyguard droids in Revenge of the Sith, maybe?

Just IMHO. =D