[WIP] squama generator

Hi all:
I now am working on a addon for generating squama ,(I don’t know if I name it correctly though)
it will generates sample objects on anoter object’s surface,you can effect the derection of sample objects by one or more splines ,also you can define the density by vertex group.

It’ still WIP I have realse the file below for testing;

there are some missing features that I am working on.
1:no uv support yet(later will support uv).
2:the size of squama is not support vertex group yet.

download: (it only works in windows x64 OS temporery)
OBJECT_squama_demo(windows x64).zip (706 KB)
example_squama(blend).zip (382 KB)


Hello @imdjs,

Thanks for this new addon very interesting for nature!

Spirou4D :cool:


add a feature recently , using weight map to control the direction of squamas. the size of every squama is decided by the polygon size.(not finish yet)


Interesting, do you plan to port it to 2.83-2.91?

Thanks for the addon. Is the word you’re looking for ‘scales’? Ancient Roman scale armour was called ‘squamata’.

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