WIP Stair Archiviz

Rendered in Cycles at 512 samples with the denoiser. The main things I’m looking at doing now are adding rails and decorations, fixing the displacement on the bricks (it’s warping the edge of the window a little bit), and fixing the lighting. The lighting is a lot better than the first render I did (this is the third) but I still think it could be improved.
I’m using Filmic with and HDRi set to a strength of 200. I have the max light bounces turned down to 4, with Blender Guru’s glass shader and portals over the windows (which is probably redundant because of the node setup anyway). Anything else I could do to improve?

EDIT: I figured I should also throw in my reference image:

It’s a bit hard to critique when you have already planned a lot of changes that would make it look so different, but If i understand you correctly you dont mention the texture on the stairs, so I will point that out: It seems the wood texture on the stairs is going the wrong way, it looks like it was wooden plates glued together, I think that would not make for strong stair material IRL so it stood out to me. Other than that I would just suggest to add your original twist to the image to make it more interesting than to just copy your reference :wink: but maybe you planned that too? :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! Now that you mention the stairs they do look kind of sketchy.