WIP - Steampunk Orb Spaceship

I’m currently planning a post apocalyptic steampunk scene and to start off with I’m getting some practice in rendering steampunk themed objects.

I’m currently working on this orb spaceship using the below reference photo. The modeling is done now, I’m now working on some materials.

That looks really good, love the detailing! Look forward to seeing how the scene pans out :slight_smile:

Your model looks really detailed and promising. I personally love steampunk settings. Look forward to see more from you

Thanks for the kind works guys. I’m currently working on a suitable material which is proving hard than I thought. At the moment I have the below but I’ll be playing with dirty vertex colours later this evening.

Been working on the material most of the night and used vertex painting to add the darker parts.

Hi Jeimuzu, I like the model and the material. Are you trying to copy the miniature look of your reference in the final image or do you want to make it appear in real world dimensions? I’m asking because the miniature look of the reference has some charm to it. And parts of the reference, especially the landing gear, would only work in a miniature model in my opinion.

Nice project, looking for your next post.

I really like the modelling, with one quibble; the handrails give us an idea of the scale of a person in the scene, and to me that means those crates are really huge and probably ought to be smaller.

Hi minoribus, I was just copying the model as it is, however you’re right, the miniature model does have some charm to it and I have an idea for a complete scene now! It also saves me redesigning the landing gear to accommodate the larger size.

Jaxtraw, thanks for pointing that out, I’ve adjusted the scale of the crates!

Here is how it stands so far, I’m not happy with the brass material for the port holes so I will be tweaking them tonight and I’m currently in the process of changing the studs to modeled nuts as seen on the lower right leg.

Here’s an interesting short tut from gleb about procedural grungy metal I’ve been looking at that might be over the top for your project but there are some interesting ideas that could cross over I’m sure, I’ve been playing around with some of the node setups from it they look interesting.

Progress update.

Tweaked the brass for the port holes and added the materials to further parts. I’m also in the process of swapping the studs for modeled nuts.

Loves it! Great work, can’t wait to see the finished thing!

This is how it’s currently standing. Very happy with the material on the lower rockets. The materials for the rails are place holders while I figure out what I want to do with them.

Looks great! You nailed those materials!

Thanks man, much appreciated.

Not much progress tonight. Added a few materials to the landing gear and hinge and started placing the nuts (boring). Had a little play in GIMP with colour correction, not sure what look I was going for, mostly just playing with the controls.

It looks great, so far! Are you finished with the thrusters? I think they need a subtle gloss map too. But that’s most probably still on your list.

i am looking at your post right now for inspiration for my first project a steampunk streets, looks sweet!