[WIP] Stranded

Hello mates I’m building something big. Big things start small so it may look crappy and puny at first. I will be working on it every weekend. I will be applying what I learn from the university.

I can’t think of any better title so i named it like that.

Any suggestions and criticisms are welcome

I working on the smoke generator now to general additional smooth mist.


After a heavy battle, James Clarke decided to return to base and flew away but his armor ran out of juice shortly so he is forced to land in an unknown area. James must continue on foot and find a way to the town.

Suit AI: So much for unlimited power source…

James:Yup. I should have installed my new power core. It’s too late now. I must find the way to town and get help there.

(Yes it’s a Silent Hill Downpour Fan CG Movie)

I’m looking into texture painting right now for the terrain.


So much for unlimited power source and conversion mass tech.

Yup, this time he fought an heavy battle causing his armor to lose juice. It recharges via solar though.