WIP Studio island. Just got my mocap suite. Render test with some post effects

Hi there! Thanks for spending ur time watching my creation! This really motivates me!!

There are still some glitches I will fix. Writing a short for this!

This was only gonna be a test for my new mocap suite. (Xsens Awinda starter) But got myself making a little scene and now I really want to make a short out of it. The music is from a artist named Paxslim. U should check him out to! We got something coming up!

If u want to see some more work from me be sure to check out my ig:Add [email protected]

Quick disclaimer: I used some assets from sketchfeb, Ian hurbert, Clothing is simulated in marvelous designer, Charachters are made with CC4, mountain with worldcreator, renderd in cycles, Post effects with davinci resolve

Thank u!


Welcome to BA :slight_smile:
Your video is set to private, so we can’t watch it

Hi! Thanks :slight_smile:
I see!
My mistake, It should be visable now!

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