WIP - Subaru Impreza WRC 2005

Hi guys,
This is my newest car is still under development. Now from to details.:eyebrowlift2:


sorry for my bad english.:spin:

Hard to offer crit as images are too small - maybe post a larger image and a wire?

Your English is more than good enough to understand. :slight_smile:

Sorry. Here the image more large.

I will look forward this thread love the car

Hi, my news uptates.

I hope you enjoy!

finally I bring updates! :smiley:
Sorry for delay. I’m almost finishing the rendering, missing just the character. The configurations of materials and texturing are ready.


Hope you enjoy!


wow, why did i not see this thread before!

Thanks! :smiley:
some Critics?

More Wips :smiley:

Cool, I like cars, and this looks like it’ll end up being awesome. Also is this desigend for a game, I’m asking because it looks like it would fit in a game quite nicely.

Thanks! Really is a good model for game. I will make a low poly version. :wink:

Jean, can I blow up your car with my MiG-29? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, epic work, I hope to see more, and possibly I foresee a Featured entry in the making!


Yes, you can! :smiley: lol

Thank you, now starting to final render!

Hi, finally the final render. Surely learning was great.
Render: Cycles
500 passes
small adjusts in Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy! :smiley:

OFF ==
Please move to finished works.

darnit… lovely!