[WIP]Subaru Impreza WRC

Hello everyone. I’m making my first WIP: the famous Subaru Impreza WRC.
Here’s my progresses

And a wire:

Your comments are welcome.:slight_smile:

Its a very good start! Use 2 or 3 levels of subsurf for the best results, if you computer can handle it. :smiley:
If you want nice WIP renders, go to world buttons and choose AO!

Actually i model with a level subsurf but for the wire, I’ve disabled it for the wire and I’ve already chosen the AO.
Here’s what I did this morning:

What do you think about it ? (I know there’s still a lot to do):slight_smile:

Here is what I rendered today :

Keep it up. I really hope to see this one finished. I like what I see so far.

Thanks longd0g.
So here is what I did this week:

What should I to improve?

We can help you decide what to improve if you posted the reference(s) you are using. But one thing you need to change is the background, it kills the eyes.