(WIP) superhero from a mayor comic franchise

I’ve been doing this model for my portofolio site for some time now. It started as a rigged retopologized character but half way in became just sculpting, and now is a mixture of both. I used this cover from David López as reference:

I’m not sure about the hair shader yet, and I don’t know where to go with the lighting. I copied the most I could from the reference. but I might do a lot of postprocesing in the eyes. the glove reflection is casting a lot of red on the face and eyes. here is a poorly postprocessed version of the image

What do you all think?, is it ready? is it something?

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I personally think you nailed the look!
Looking at the reference, it seems her hair on the left side seems to come out more, as it is casting shadow over her face. Was it an artistic choice to pull it back?

No, I went back and forth a lot with the hair, now you pointed that out, it can be pulled foward a little. thanks

I corrected some mistakes and moved the hair a little, this time I did the composition inside blender with some little fixes for the eyes later in kritta

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So Good! Amazing job

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The job is pretty much done.