[WIP] Survival Sandbox Game - The Tale of Kujah

Hi everyone!
This is a game that I made this year for my college’s final assignment.
I wanted to know how do you guys feel about the game, so i decided to share the files and let you play it early :wink:
Let me know what you think in the Comments!!



This is an alpa version of the game, which have its basic feature already implemented.
There is no objective on this current version, so you can roam around to survive and hunt animals to collect their meat, and materials.
I plan to have a boss fight for the player to hunt creature yeti, or mammoth but that’s still WIP

This Version have 4 types of animals, which have their own AI Behavior :


  • defensive
  • had a 50% chance to attack or run away when approached
  • will attack if player dont have spear
  • avoid obstacles
  • slow, low maneuverability
  • have a weak point on head
  • etc


  • aggresive
  • always attack player on sight
  • jump on small obstacles
  • fast, high manueverability
  • have a weak point on chest and head
  • etc


  • cowardly
  • always avoid player on sight
  • jump on small obstacles
  • fast, high manueverability
  • have at weak point on butt, neck and head
  • etc


  • passive
  • will not attack player, warn if player have spear
  • avoid obstacles
  • slow, low maneuverability
  • have a weak point on chest and head
  • etc

Game Trailer :

If you have time, Please fill out this google form, it will took you less than 5 minutes, and will help me a lot : GOOGLE FORM
[DOWNLOAD LINKS] : http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-tale-of-kujah/downloads


Music by audionautix.com, as well as other free licensed sfx and music websites.

I only have 32-bit windows, but what I see here is really impressive! Great audio and graphics and a straight-forward design. It’s rare to see a student project that looks and sounds complete - but Tale of Kujah definitely meets the bar! Good job!

This is great, really really great. I love the graphics ! It reminds me a bit of Wind Waker eheh :smiley:

Very nice graphics and I like the way you use FoV! Turning into an animal is also very charming. The snow is very well made, actually it is a top notch effect!
One thing about gameplay - I think will be good to add force indicator while throwing the spear, that way players will control how far the spear should go.
And from a gamer psychology point of view - the animals, that the player is killing are way too cute and beautiful :slight_smile: . I actually feel sorry for them and didn’t want to kill them. :slight_smile:

Overall great looking game!

thank you for all your nice comments guys :wink:
I plan to add new features to this game such as boss fights, and day and night cycles real soon
please stay tune! :slight_smile:

I hope I can finish everything for this game before september, I’ve been very busy with paperwork lately ;(
anyways, thank you once again!

Thank you for your advice!, Good idea :wink:

cool! cant wait to see the finished version :smiley:

Wow looks great, there are a couple typos in the trailer, but other than that it looks sound (Speaking of sound, some of the music right before the end of the cutscene sounded like Christmas music).I love the toon look of your game, I may need to try my hand at that style. Some time I will find the typos if you want, but right now it is too late to do that, I need to go to bed, lol.

P.s. will you create a Mac version?

very impressive game i like the art style and the game play ,every thing in the game is wonderful the world the weather the fx the model,s it,s just so awesome,
i want to ask a question if you don’t mind,
how did you build the world to be open world,
as one model or as many part,s and then you put them together
this focus blur you did in the targeting stat, how did you do it , i bet there are lot,s of coding in this game,
the snow fx is it particle or something else , i try,d doing it once as a plan mesh and i add some texture on it made it as halo in the material and i mad it as a sensors in the Physics Panel and add them by an empty with random rotation to give the feeling of a snow fall but it was so heavy that my pc started to lag XD
i really like your work and i wish you a good luck :slight_smile:

looks good. great idea for the fox. i liked his jump animation. lol is there an endng?

Cool art style, nice trailer. Looks amazing.

This is great !