[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects

Rastart where do I type in this info. import bpy,sys


import FreeCAD Do I open this area somewhere in blender and type it in. Thanks

I make a topic about with source file, If someone is interested do help me in develop features is welcome!

In any case I’ll post here further development:

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Rastart can you provide me with a clearer explanation of where I create this path? In blender or windows explorer with a step by step procedure of what you do? i am new to these things. I appreciate it. Or if someone else who knows how to do it. Thanks

You can learn about it here:

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Rastart do I download the conda file or the source code file? There are 4 files to choose from. Thanks

the conda one…
I’ve created a topic about this workflow:

At moment I can’t spend time on develop the project but it 's just a start to gather some ideas


Some news. There is a bunch of nodes (Curve, Surface, Field categories, total of 63 nodes) moved into Sverchok master from Sverchok-Extra. These nodes do not require any external dependencies. These nodes work with higher-level (one may even say abstract) objects: not vertices and faces, but curves, surfaces, scalar and vector fields. In some way, this brings Sverchok nearer to Grasshopper (that one works mainly with surfaces and curves, not meshes). So Sverchok can now incorporate both approaches. This enables one to create complex objects with relatively small number of nodes. There is a number of examples with pictures in the original PR thread: https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/pull/2993 .

This leaves about 25 nodes in Sverchok-Extra, which require external dependencies to work (for example, Geomdl library to work with NURBS curves and surfaces, or SciPy library to work with “minimal surfaces”).


Only lacking ‘WinPritzkerPrice’ node…:wink:

I didn’t know Sverchok Extra was a thing. Please post a link here.

Edit: Okay, it was easy enough to find but obviously not easy to install under Windows. Thanks for migrating what could be moved though.

it’s just unbelievable!
thanks for sharing!

For those who didn’t hear about it or wasn’t able to find: https://github.com/portnov/sverchok-extra :slight_smile:
This is an addon for Blender, which is meant to extend the Sverchok addon by features, that could not be included into Sverchok because it would add new dependencies and make installation of Sverchok core too complicated for most usages.


Thank you for this!

Hey there
Loving the extra edition examples, and a still a slow learner here, im also one of those users of Catalina Mac Os. After i follow the documentation on git hub, installing directly the libs on the directory using the terminal self-reference - i get this error?
it may be the header thing? as i could not figure it out
There is anyone here with wisdom on macs os and blender fusion diy?

Strange, I wasn’t able to reproduce this.
The problem should appear only if you do not have scipy installed into your blender’s python.
I think I fixed this, try to pull from master (or re-download zip again) and try again.

I think you will want to install scipy anyway, if you wish to use sverchok-extra, as many usefull nodes from it require scipy.


Hi. It is possible to have a py37 build for MacOS?

I think It has to be build from source on a Mac system with python37, here the Mac release forum Page:

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i managed to fix it, but some of the libs i cant install some of the libs directly or using the the python37m thing- im not a programmer rather learning slowly python .

TAnkss if somebody and grace that can make the documentation on installing about the PyMcubes
and geomdl Libs XD


Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with macos at all. All can I say is

  1. PyMCubes is most probably unnecessary for you, scikit-image should be enough for most applications, and scikit-image is much easier to install. You may want to try pymcubes if you do not like results of scikit-image implementation of marching cubes in some specific cases.
  2. For geomdl, refer to geomdl’s official installation instructions. The only blender-specific trick is how to tell Blender’s python where to find python’s development files. Copying them into blender’s installation directory worked for me on linux, for macos there is probably another solution.

Sorry for bothering, but sadly I have absolutly no Python skills- I dont have a clue what needs to be done to load geomdl, would you mind explaining it?
I would love to test sverchok extra- specially the Quads to Nurbs.

Please refer to the readme. You’ll have to install Cython and Geomdl. In the simplest case, you can install Geomdl without Cython, but It can be too slow in this case.
Cython installation: https://github.com/portnov/sverchok-extra#install-pymcubes
and the following section about Geomdl.

Those instructions are for Linux. It should be possible to do the same on other OSs with similar commands, but I do not have such experience.
I’m afraid I can’t explain better in general terms. If you have problems with specific commands in those instructions, please ask.