[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects

Hello. Is it possible to do the topology voronoi with vertex group? Thanks

OMG !!!
what did you do here ???
Your add-on and work deserves a blender tools golden award !!!

I’m really stuck and as i follow this topic since month i sincerely regret i did not have a look at sverchok before !

I recently decided to make an old roof with tiles, using geom nodes on 2.92. 2 hours later, after learning from scratch i reached the ( laughy ) limit of the system…

I then decided ( as i said in my later post that needs to be approved ) to give a try to svechok.
What was my surprise discovering it looks mature and full of amazing features !

So my first post here will be for thanking the sverchok dev team !
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
Also must be congratzed the doc team !!!
The doc seems exhaustive, full of images and examples and is really finely comprehensive.
I wish blender doc were like yours !

Be sure i’ll post here for questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the wonderfull work and happy blending ! :slight_smile:


i’m sure Geometry Nodes will improve a lot over time. Blender.org is finally becoming serious about parametric geometry. GN is even getting a dedicated GSOC coder. Its current state is too primitive to express complicated structures as fluently and succinctly as we can in Sverchok. In fairness Sverchok has had a 9 year head start. I’m pretty sure this will change eventually. Team Sverchok does not consider Geometry Nodes as a competitor, and our users will hopefully always assess their options and use the most appropriate tool for the job. Sometimes that might mean combining GN with SV.


Всем привет)
Хотел бы с помощью Сверчка визуализировать гипотезу Коллатца с четными и нечетными числами. Нужен совет как это можно оптимально сделать, примерно нужен такой вот результат

Буду рад любыми идеям и предложениям!

Generative Art узел возможно может что-то такое.

Just about generative art…
I released a new version of a Lyndermayer system addon:

( if you want try it you can find all the files there)

I made it works also in sverchok by script node lite,
Maybe it can be usefull to add a similar node in Sverchok?


It would be cool to have L-system in Sverchok. I would suggest to open an issue on the Sverchok github with the proposal. I can help with how to add new nodes to Sverchok.

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Can anyone help me with a modeling exercise I’m trying to accomplish with Sverchok? I’m attempting to extrude a mesh face following the direction of a curve that has a starting point at the face origin.

Looking to do something like this with sverchok - https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/maya/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2020/ENU/Maya-Modeling/files/GUID-FCB83BE0-2C27-4880-A353-02873D337311-htm.html

Once I figure this out I want to create curves directly on face origins from any given quad mesh. Then control the curves and their segments procedurally using fields.

Right now I just need to figure out how to extrude face / edges from a curve. Any help would be greatly appreciated

try this

For Taper verts you can play with Number Range [start-stop]

for basic “bevel a curve”
i learn from this > https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/blob/master/docs/nodes/modifier_make/bevel_curve.rst

** for more infomation most of sverchok node can link to Gidhub doc.


Thanks for your reply. What I have in mind is a bit different, however. My goal is to extrude a mesh face with a curve that is sharing the same direction as the face normal.

The Bevel a Curve node uses the global space axis and the world origin to define the direction of the tracking algorithm.

I need a way to manipulate the extruded face(s) with a curve that is essentially aligned to local space of the face.

Apologies if I’m not explaining this clearly.

umm. i’m not sure … maybe Matrix from component analyzer can help.


Close! This seems like it’s getting somewhere. Thanks again!

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node multiextrude

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I just download the master build from github and it says this one for 2.93. And I am using 2.92. Can anyone give me the sverchok for blender 2.92??

You can use this version. We probably could remove this complane message because 2.92 is also supported currently.

Than I can use the latest master build in 2.92? Right??

You can use it with any Blender version where you manage to enable the add-on.))

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Did you guys remove the icon from the node add men? I cant see any node icon there

They are just disabled by default - http://nortikin.github.io/sverchok/docs/user_interface/user_interface.html

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Thanks man. I sweat a lot for the icon. And those photo help me to remember nodes.