[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects


(zeffii) #2001

i’ll add a multiplier (separate from scale) which would help place the stethoscope drawing ‘tip’ in the correct place. I think this is the best that i’ll be able to do for now.

(zeffii) #2002

I added the XY multiplier in UserPreferences for Sverchok, you’ll have to test it.

(Daniel Bachmann) #2003

Great work, Zeffi!
With the multiplier I was able to adjust the setting so that it gets usable again.
Thank you very much for the fast fix!

(Bcraig) #2004

I just come across this is this easy to learn and and use if you know small amount of Python scrtiping in blender ?

(Bcraig) #2005

And where is the latest to download I can find the add-on
Help please


(Bcraig) #2007

I appreacte that but I been there where is it at forgive me i new to that site
whay I am missing ?

(Bcraig) #2008

Cannot seem to find Sverchok parametric tools zip file

(randum) #2009


(Bcraig) #2010

Thanks randum I got much appreciated

(nikitron) #2011

Thanks, randum, updated first post with this image.

2013 year:
This year Sverchok was presented in September. (4 years soon)
Next years it was 2014, on blender conference presentation of Sverchok.
Also civil war in Ukrain, fascists got power
2015 I left this country, sad: ‘No, thanks’. Moscow CGevent presentation
2016 Moscow CGevent presentation again
2017 Now, lets see.

(Bcraig) #2012

Thank You Sir
First I just want say Thank You for all the team and head developers for coming up with this idea
for visual programming for interactive visual feedback with nodes
I am myself been learning the basic of Python and wanted to use it with blender
When I cam across this I though this could help me with me learn Learning curve
would I be correct in assuming that or my missing something?
Thank You Inadvance

(Warcos) #2013

haaa … good work my friend



is the profile node only for one path. Didnt find a way to have more than one path in the profile node and ended up with many nodes each for one path.

thanks in advanced

(zeffii) #2015

Correct, i didn’t implement a ‘pen up’, pen down’ for profile paths. I can imagine scenarios where that would be cool to have.


Thanks zeffi for the fast response.

(zeffii) #2017

technically there is a pen up/down by using the Move command , but the close command doesn’t know about it. (am tempted to fix that! )

M 0,0
L 0,3 2,3 2,4
C 2,5 2,5 3,5 10 0
L 5,5
C 7,5 7,5 7,3 10 0
L 7,2 6,0
M -1,0
L -1,3 -2,3 -2,4
C -2,5 -2,5 -3,5 10 0
L -5,5
C -7,5 -7,5 -7,3 10 0
L -7,2 -5,0

(zeffii) #2018

path closing is now possible, please update

see: https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/pull/1668


Hi zeffi,

very nice tried it and works as expected.
Is there a way to seperate these paths because apply matrix to extrude is not possible, last and first vertex get connected of each path.

(zeffii) #2020

“separate loose” node, will convert a single disjoint mesh (a mesh with several islands) into individual meshes. I think UV Connect node can then make a collection of polygons from just the edges (they are in sequence anyway)