[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects


(zeffii) #2021

ok that suggestion doesn’t work. i’ll have to have a think about a nice way to make that possible. i might have time to make a scripted node for this scenario.

(zeffii) #2022

i forgot, you need to use a List Del Levels node on the Edges output of ProfileParametric (because it is wrapped extra )


“separate loose” node, will convert a single disjoint mesh (a mesh with several islands) into individual meshes. I think UV Connect node can then make a collection of polygons from just the edges (they are in sequence anyway)

Hehe zeffi thats what i tried and i was thinking exactly the same.
Will check your solution, thanks a lot.

(Philstix) #2024

Is there any way to use a video or image sequence in the Image Decompose node? I’ve got a video loaded in Blender’s image editor, with all frames displayed correctly when the timeline is played, but it seems the Image Decompose node only uses the first frame, and needs the ‘unload’ and ‘load’ buttons clicked to load a new frame. I looked for some way to automate the unload/load step, but without success.

(zeffii) #2025

Correct, Image Decompose caches the image, it does this to avoid reloading the same data whenever the node’s update function is triggered. I’m not opposed to adding a toggle that forces a recaching if the frame changes… ( can’t promise this will happen promptly though…)

(Philstix) #2026

Thanks for the response. Looking through the Image Decompose git comments, it seems the node is inefficient in its data processing to the point where it may bog down Blender when using even moderately sized images, so for now I’m trying to find alternative methods of achieving the same result without the use of Sverchok.

(zeffii) #2027

It would be great if you would be explicit about what you think the inefficiencies are. There definitely are a few places where I can modify it, i’m interested to know if those are the areas that concern you. It was written as a rather generic tool, being able to pass it changing images was not a consideration.

(Philstix) #2028

Sorry, that wasn’t an observation of any inefficiencies from my own experience. I may have misunderstood, but I was referring to a comment by you at https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/issues/405 where you said “recommend not using this on files with more than 100 pixels on each side.”

(zeffii) #2029

That 100^2 pixels comment might be misleading. It’s based on my low-end 2core 1.8ghz 2gb ram lenovo notebook. It’s also based on an older version of the Viewer Draw node (which was about 10 times slower).

even if you have a 400*400 image, that’s 160K pixels (if unfiltered), and the same number of vertices. If you wanted to operate on a HD image, that’s 1920×1080i: 1,036,800 pixels and the same amount of vertices. That’s a lot of processing, and some experimentation would be needed to find the sweet spot between doing the calculations once for each frame (and caching if possible), or do it all fresh per frame.

  • The easiest (and most likely for now) is to load the image.pixels on each frame change. (changing frame will be a little slow, due to the processing, but the rest of the node tree updates should be as fast as usual when the frame isn’t changed).
  • Slightly more work would be to add a mode to cache the data found in the Image per frame, and invalidate and re-cache upon frame change.
  • Slightly more work still would be to cache the results to disk for each frame, the node would then check if it has that frame in disk cache and read from it instead of the image. (disk IO can be much faster than processing)

(nikitron) #2030

Profile node now support many objects/splines with button ‘from selection’
also subscribed knots to orient. And selected knots/handlers supply with (#+a) expresion for UX.
Also if no links, node will supply with other peripheral nodes as viewers to see automatically what is inside.
Last function also for mesh expression node generator.

(randum) #2031

How can I to receive control above strength of emission shader from Sverchek?

(Ko.) #2032

There are several ways to do that in Sverchok. This one will work for several objects each with own material:

(randum) #2033

Great, it works, but when I connect attribute node to color socket it dose not work already :confused:

(Ko.) #2034

Show a picture.

(randum) #2035

Sorry, it was my mistake, now all work. )

(Vralsza) #2036

Hello, is it possible to get vertex colors from objects?

(Ko.) #2037


(randum) #2038

I have three rectangle, one big and two smaller into first. How can I fill first rectangle and make holes into it by another two rectangle?))


(Ko.) #2039

Try to use boolean node to make holes. But first extrude, since boolean doesn’t work with 2d geometry.


but you will get unconnected intersections.