[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects


(nikitron) #2121

answered at github issue, solved.
Matrix rotation in this case have to occure in other order. Moreover, you can reorient line and remove one matrix deformation step. or even two steps, leaving only rotation 45 degrees.
Look at github issue for images

(gritche) #2122

ok it work, thanks!

(kabu) #2123

Building on Zeffii’s design…

one design, multiple choices…


(kabu) #2124

the blend:

SK_PetalSineVectorRewireSmoothSubsurf_CogWheelFlatStarPancakeSunBeam.blend (2.45 MB)

I like this tool…


SK_PetalSineVectorRewireSmoothSubsurf_CogWheelFlatStarPancakeSunBeam.blend.zip (686 KB)

(nikitron) #2125


check this approach of profile node
you’ll need to chenge step or values for b input in profile to achive gear teeth to be as you need, but it is doable.

(nikitron) #2126

thanks!!! :eyebrowlift2:

(gritche) #2127


your approch look very interesting, i’ll study it to night…

(kabu) #2128

You’re welcome!

Ah, I like this gear with profile, very neat
I think it’s not possible to get that with the modified design I posted
Anyway you may want to flag V_dir for getting correct normals…

I didn’t find a way of joining meshes except recurring to viewer bmesh…

(nikitron) #2129

There is mesh join node, if you already have joined lists of vertives and polygons allready.
sadly if they apart you need list join in level 2 all separately - vertices and polygons/edges beforehand

also if you cycle it it will be manifold and caps. or remove doubles

(nikitron) #2130

fixed bug in profile node + added comments for every point so you will orient better
get new sverchok version - update after check for new version in panel.

(kabu) #2131

Updated. Now the spline is clearer…
Have you seen this? This is neat too…

(nikitron) #2132

Yes, Bernd know what he doing with l-system :wink:

(kabu) #2133

I’ve met a girl who likes it gruesome. I’ve found this design here which generates a waving tentacle, I’d like to send to her, all green painted with blobs over it…
Is there a way to bake the animation in Sverchok? Like I were doing 'keyframe 10, I, locrotscale, keyframe 20, I, locrotscale…"
I guess I don’t really have animation in Blender clear anyway… this is the way I usually do…

(kabu) #2134

Forgot to add the blend…

SK_FormulaSinDistancePipe_WavingTentacle.blend (4.98 MB)

(nikitron) #2135

the problem here is how to export mesh deformations. shape keys not working anyway, also inserting keyframes senceless with mesh changing for other programm. the same problem with any mechanism native to some programm
the only way here is to make duplicate and manually make join as shapes for some frames you choose.
how to deal with shapekeys after idonno.

(kabu) #2136

I see. There are no easy ways to get that to animate…
When I get some more spare time, I’ll be trying to give it a skeleton…
meybe the gruesome girl going to appreciate that…

(1pepe) #2137

Is possible to animate sverchok parameter values like in Animation Nodes?

(1pepe) #2138

Is possible to animate Sverchok parameter values like in Animation Nodes?

(portnov) #2139

@1pepe yup. Just use “frame Info” node.

(kabu) #2140

Today I was getting bored with family things, so I’ve come up with this.

You can twist and turn as you like, and generate plenty of Xmas Stars you can give who you want…

Full blend with instructions

SK_IcosphereObjectsInVertexGroupWeights_CubeXmasStar.zip (378 KB)

Marry Xmas and enjoy!