[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects

(Peetie) #2181

Sverchok is not part of “Everything nodes”, but sverchok is using nodes.

(unkerjay) #2182

I’ve got one answer to this:

just wondering if there’s something in Sverchok that can help with this.

Specifically the expansion, truncation and rotation.

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(Vralsza) #2184

Hello, is there a way to set properties via Sverchok?
By hitting a toggle on a curve object you can get decent uvs:
bpy.context.object.data.use_uv_as_generated = True
Is there a way to do this via nodes in Sverchok? Would I just need to write a [hopefully] short script to set the bool?

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(nikitron) #2185

you can handle it in several ways in sverchok
simplest here

True or false - logic function node
object in node and object set ID node used

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(luisseyfer) #2186

coming from GH I am looking for a solution I couldn’t find yet.
Instancing in SV is based on Verticies. So, when I am extruding different Verticies in different directions and different distances the result is this:

How could I even the spaces between the duplicates?

(nikitron) #2187

there are many attempts.

  1. use metaballs to join meshes
  2. use interpolation vertices
  3. use interpolation matrices
  4. Evaluate vertices
  5. lerp vertices
  6. edge divide
  7. adaptive edges
  8. subdivide
    last two preferrable with metaballs in one chain is great
    use this zipped blend as example:
    metablo_2019_02_19_18_58.zip (86.1 KB)

For more interaction use greace pencil injection example from design section of sverchok examples in blender node editor window (right from sverchok node tree)

Sorry, my bad inglish. even spaces
only interpolation stack for branches
And try greace pencil example anyway

(luisseyfer) #2188

Thx nikitron,

metablo_2019_02_19_18_58 is what I already achieved so far.
My idea now is to subdivide each edge seperatly depending on its length.
I am not sure how to handle the separation in SV. Is there a way to do this:

I’d have thought ListDecompose would do the trick.
But, since it gives me a bunch of extra sockets it doesn’t look very useful for the pupose.
I need a list with every edge in a sublist.

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(nikitron) #2189

there are list split and list flip nodes acting almost the same at this example.
here is split:

by the way other nodes:

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(nikitron) #2190

joints.blend (942.0 KB)

(skartemka) #2191

Никита, привет. Мне вот интересно узнать. В сверчке в перспективе можно реализовать нечто подобное, так называемый Mesh fusion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=128&v=v4PzC7NfNaw Если бы нечто подобное можно было реализовать технически средствами сверчка, то этому бы аддону цены не было особенно в среде разработки кто работает с Hardsurface



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(viralata) #2192

Hi, I’ve been using Sverchock for some time, then stopped, and when i tried back, I have an error on my linuxmint 18.3 when I try to activate it in the users preferences: libmkl_intel_lp64.so cannot open shared object file. This lib is intalled on y computer, and what is strange is that the 2.8branch works like a charm (almost). Any idea ?
By the way for the moment, the only error I have in the 2.8 branch is when I try to use monad with Crtl+G, is it supposed to be working ?

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(randum) #2193

@skartemka Реализовать можно всё что угодно, но во первых Сверчку не хватает более тривиальных функций таких как просто 2D boolean, да и существующий 3D работает весьма не стабильно, во вторых такой алгоритм довольно не просто реализовать, я думаю что большинству просто не хватит знаний, по крайней мере на данном этапе, ну или во всяком случае свободного времени на это.

@viralata leave bug report here: https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/issues
Sverchok for Blander 2.8 does not supported yet.

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(viralata) #2194

Thank-you randum, but as I’m not so sure it is a Sverchock bug and not a problem with my distribution I wanted to ask before. I will leave a bug report.

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(nikitron) #2195

not sure that library. Newer heard


Since there some activity in this thread agein why not post some new video:

If some one want to learn Sverchok, this channel have more than 1000 little videos about it.

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hi all adaptive polygon seams to be broken in 2.8

(vicdoval) #2198

Thanks for reporting, the sverchok for 2.8 is in pre-release state and that is one of the nodes that hasn’t been updated yet :slight_smile:

(vicdoval) #2199

Actually the problem was in the VD Experimental, now is already fixed

(Benny G) #2200

SV Updates For Blender 2.8 where can i download this , from the T panel i have update button but
i get the message , can not update from archive

(randum) #2201

On https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok switch to the branch b28_preleas_master before downloading ZIP.

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