[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects

correct, for me at least it would be usefull mainly to read value to drive parameter in sverchok, but I could not resist to try to write data back…
An example for write mode could be a parametric part to make thread insert with some parameters to drive pitch ecc… I have to try it out

Btw, there is Spreadsheet node in Sverchok-Extra. You may find it usefull too.


There are more things in sverchock than are dreamt of in our…

Hello everyone!
this is my first “product” test of freecad-sverchok workflow.
Basically I made a simple box case design in freecad, entirely bound to a freecad spreadsheet, to better manage parametric data:

then I imported the design by freecad nodes and used a freecad sketch to generate in place the sverchok procedural geometry. It work nice, it’s a very basic design but I can say the workflow it’s quite promising:

so next step is to auto-generate drawings for wooden parts and STL files for 3dprinting!


QUESTION: are there already some batch STL export node in Sverchok?
I made up one on the fly using this library: https://pypi.org/project/numpy-stl/
I used export solid node like reference.
It works fine and fast…

the stl ouputs are correct, I’m going to print them out…

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There is some STL support in Blender itself. Does separate implementation provide any features Blender lacks?

I didn’t dig into this, there is the bpy.ops.export_mesh.stl() function to export selected obj from the scene, but I wanted to make a batch export of a set of parts directly from sverchock.
Actually there is a write_stl() function in \scripts\addons\io_mesh_stl\stl_utils.py
I’ll see if I can use this one…

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Hello everyone
I need help
How to align the plane to the average position of the mesh points?

this is a test scene
median-plane.blend (593.8 KB)
I need to get the transformation of this (or another) plane by points position of the mesh

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There is linear approximation node in analyzers menu on bottom. Choose plane and use it as shown


You my hero!