[WIP] Sverchok, parametric nodes for architects


(randum) #1961

Have this node right works? Can I select faces by area with this node?

(Ko.) #1962

You need to insert a mask that represents the selected polygon and it will give out a mask containing additional polygons if they satisfy the requirements.

(randum) #1963

Like this?

(Ko.) #1964

The mask in Sverchok is usually a list of Boolean values like [[True,True,False,True]].
In this case it means [[Selected, Selected, Not-selected, Selected]].

(randum) #1965

Thanks. It is strange node.)
I have another problem. I can not to export big nodes tree. I think that problem with group nodes. Export of groups works wrong now.

(Ko.) #1966

See there: https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/issues/1109

(randum) #1967

I found reference for bag reports about group node in Sverchok manual. But I did not understand, conversation was closed? May be necessary to delete reference?


(zeffii) #1968

randum, if your sverchok layout /nodetree relies on a Blender object , then use .blend to store/interchange your work… not json exports.

(nikitron) #1969

also there is a way to share full blends, discribed here https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok/issues/1434

население Земли 4 млрд человек (не верю)
была создана компания «Apple».

(randum) #1970

You mean append node tree from blender file? It is not work with group nodes.(
Thanks, I will be to know.)

(Daniel Bachmann) #1971

When I use the Stethoscope MK2, depending on my Zoom settings, the result is not displayed beside the node but shifted somewhere in the node setup. Can I somehow move the result, so that it is beside the node again?
I am not shure if this is a just compatibility issue with Blender 2.78c since SV works very well beside that issue.
Thank you for any hints,

(zeffii) #1972

dbachman. i’ll fix that asap. thanks.

(zeffii) #1973

dbachman, are you using Interface->Display->Scale (ui_scale ) …the default there is 1.0

(zeffii) #1974

what kind of dpi do you have? are on you osx?

(Daniel Bachmann) #1975

Hi zeffi,
I am using Windows 10 pro. There is no size setting for the UI under the Interface-Tab.

But indeed I have changed the DPI under SYSTEM to 139

I think that could be the problem.

(zeffii) #1976

I see… i’d like to suggest you try a build from builder.blender.org , a most recent windoes 64bit version (don’t install, just unpack the zip and run the blender.exe to test… i think you’ll find a slightly different preferences window ( with a Scale value in Interface as i allude to )

(Daniel Bachmann) #1977

I just checked with blender-2.78-8f66d68-win64-vc14.zip

Now I see the scaling factor. It is set to 1.0 but it still behaves like before.

(Daniel Bachmann) #1978

I tried to narrow it down a bit more.
I have a display set to 3840x2160. Since Text is very small, under the windows display settings, I have set the font scaling to 200%. When I set it to 100% and use the Blender Display Size 1.0, the stethoscope text apears correctly. The problem is that the font is so tiny that I cannot work like that.

When I set the Windows Scaling to 200% and adjust the Blender Display Size, the problem persists. It does not work when set to 1.0 and when I set it to 0.5 for example, the font size of the UI gets too small again.

(zeffii) #1979

we can make a scale property for the stethoscope in sverchok preferences, so you can set a comfortable default without having to mess with other scaling/zoom things…

(Daniel Bachmann) #1980

That would be cool indeed since these days many users have higher resolution displays.
Thank you for your help narrowing this down.