Wip tank (updated)

Hello, here is a m1A1 tank I made this afternoon.

The problem is that dupliframe don’t want to work in blender CVS
(here is what it does : http://www.mentalwarp.com/~fred/divers/test4.jpg ), so I want to know if you have that bug too…
here is the .blend

It’s annoying because I want to make a knot in the cannon with a curve deformation :frowning:

What the…?!

ERROR: Loading C:\<the really long file path>\bug2.blend failed: No error

Are the developers trying to be funny?

And I get “Memoryblock new_bhead: double free” in the console. Oh well.

I don’t think Dupliframes work with the Curve Deform… In fact, I think Dupliframes will only work for Object changes, not Mesh changes. I might be wrong though.

ERROR: Loading C:<the really long file path>\bug2.blend failed: No error

lol :smiley:

the problem is resolved, the lastest version from CVS don’t have that bug anymore. I use dupliframe for the tracks, and curve deform to make a knot in the cannon.

to make a knot in the cannon

Please show! :slight_smile:

The knot in the cannon, it’s not for tomorrow because I must remake it’s mesh, it doesn’t look good with curve deform applied.

My unwrap is done, so I began the texturing. I think it will take me forever to complete. :frowning:


I want to know what do you think about this begining of the texturing : colors, contrast, etc… I have a LCD and it changes if i move my head so i cant really judge it… :frowning:

Wip. maybe to much scratch ?

kinda low poly, is it for a game? There’re no grill behind the hatches btw.

Good texturing, I think the scratches are fine, they’re barely noticable, but effective none-the-less.