WIP: Test Scene from upcoming short film, Grand Pa's Gift

Hello all, i’ve been working on and off on this for about 4 months now. This is a 30 sec Test Scene from my 1st short film called “Grand Pa’s Gift”. I would appreciate any comments on composition, style, animation, models etc…Thank you so much for your time! Below is the link and attached are some pics of the two models being used



mmmm…any comments?..lol :slight_smile:

I am posting on my iPhone right now, so i cant see the movie, but i like the pictures. COOL! But arent the legs too long or is dat just because of the perspective?

Thanks!..yea the legs are a little long, i waz trying to archieve a more cartoony look to the characters, when u get a chance check out the videos and let me know what you think! Still ALOT of work to be done animation wise though