WIP: The Coin Factory. HELP NEEDED.

After two WIPs that i have not seen through i have decided to attempt another.

I’m going to go for a non realistic coin factory scene. I feel that my character development has not gone too well recently due to me only using books. So no books in this one! I’m going to go for some type of gnome creature.

Here is the thumbnail sketch:

Wish me luck!


EDIT: current progress. Help needed.

I have decided to start with the Goblin. I have never attempted a character beyond a book before. I think this is going ok. I spent an hour and a half on the ears yesterday but i gave up and deleted in frustration. I have since realised i could have used it as a frame to build a new mesh on but oh well. Let that be a lesson on patience for me.

Goblin face:


I’ve done the head! At least the base of the head. I plan to add more detail at some point, but this is a good start.


Start of the body. The plan is to get the shape and then make clothes from that.

I’m going to call him Splinxkask. Or Owen.


My first attempt at clothes. Arms and legs obviously not done yet.

Not sure whether to use multires to add fine detail or not as the character will be quite small. Also unsure whether to rig and pose or model in possition.


I have attached the body to the head. Now all head, body and clothes, including collar, are one mesh. Took me a while but i got it. Started on arms. I then need to attach legs. Not sure how yet.

Hands are scaring me. Absolutely no idea how to do them.
May do boots instead.

Still unsure whether to sculpt detail.


Attempt at the hand.

This is the first time i have modelled a hand (i’m not counting the book hands i’ve done as they are terrible) so any criticism/advice/words-of-encouragement/enraged-abuse would be welcome (well the first 3 anyway).


Test render with place holder materials.


Cool character, and nice topology. Can’t wait to see it with finished materials. =)

Thanks Owldude. Here he is! Sort of.

Still have to do laces for boots and some sort of necktie.

Although i am happy with the materials, i realise that they could still be improved. Any suggestions anyone?


Update on the thumbnail sketch.


I love this concept, cant wait to see it progress. Great work so far!

Small update. Still very rough but i’m so busy at work this much will have to do for now. This is also a lighting test. May light the background from below. The source of the light will be hidden.

Decided to have a little work hut in the background instead of just loads of piles of coins.


It’s been a while but here is an update on this.

I have used a shed that i made for an abandoned scene i was doing.

Still to do:
1:bits and pieces for the rigging at the top
2: Work on the coin material. Both the stack and the individual coins
3: Model a few tools and dot them around
4: Make a sign for the hut
5: sort out lighting
6: sort out DOF
7: Position the Goblins, change some clothes, faces expressions etc.


Getting there… i have positioned the goblins and added some to the huts because they make me smile.

Still lots of tweaking the textures to do and then sort out the lighting.


I’m nearly there! However, i have been doing this so long i need some fresh perceptive. Could someone offer an opinion please?

Things to look at:

1, Are there any parts of the modelling that look wrong/odd?
2, And texturing looking off (i know about a couple of things but suggest any improvements)
3, Lighting… I am mainly using Red Blue and Green. I have 1 white key light, 2 back lights (red) and 2 green and 2 blue rim lights. Anything that could/should be changed.
4, I have no DOF. should i?
5, General thoughts on the piece.

Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


I don’t know what quality of criticism I can give you, but I’ll give you whatever I have. You mentioned a Depth of Field (that’s what you meant by DOF, right?), and I think that would be nice; maybe make the character on the platform mostly in focus, with everything shallowly fade out behind him. Another thing that is getting to me is the background characters; they don’t seem to be doing much but standing in their spots. I was thinking maybe get them a little more contorted, maybe bent over hoisting coins? And their ears, could you point them down, as if they resented their work? I think that would be nice.

But hey! Please don’t think I don’t like this, because I do! I think it looks pretty darn awesome as is; I just wanted to give you some things to possibly look at.


i think the shirts are too Glossy… thats all great job though…

Really like this image - you have a great imagination as well as skills.

I think the only problem here is the mouth of the goblin - it wants lips and teeth.

Also - are the goblins in the shack on their brake? Maybe give them a fag and a cuppa (cigarette and tea).

Wow, a blast from the past. I had almost forgotten about this image. Maybe it is time I went back and had another look at it… Teeth would be good.

Thanks for the comment.