WIP: The Dream Girl

Well I started this little beauty and I’m attempting to give her a body and make a great portrait. This will test my abilities in 3d art and determine if I’m ment for this or not.

Anyways, This is the Dream Girl. She is every mans desire.(only in beauty not in a sexuall manner…;)) I made the face and I know what I must work one.
I used the 3d.sk reference, but only for the shape of the face and concentrated on changing the face in my image.(I hope that’s ok.)

  1. still tweaking the nose, cheeks, forehead, and the mouth.

  2. Trying to make a skin material in UV mapping for more realistic affect.

  3. Trying to model the human eye with realism and detail.

I’ ve marked my goals and so far this is my progress I want to show the community.
critics and comments are welcomed.

thank you,


Ok, I got the head done. Hopefully I get the ears done and tweak it up.
I hate making the ear! It’s like the most complex model to make.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, ‘every man’s desire’ is respective to the man looking on. Good start so far though there doesn’t seem to be so much rounding around the temples and the edges of the eyes as there are in humans, but I’ll wait until a bit later for a more thourough critique.

This is what I got so far:

  1. Finished the neck, ear, nose, and eye sockets and eyes.

What is my goal:

  1. Edit the face and try to add some realism to it.

  2. Get some textures or uv map the model.

  3. Tweak and edit some more.

Crits and comments are welcomed and please don’t be afriad to pm me and ask questions yourself. I don’t mind it:yes:


I got some render test to show everyone. I’ am also trying to fix the eye situation and fix the ears a little. comments and crits are welcomed.


I would work on giving her eye-sockets, first and foremost. THe brow needs to come out a little, and the eyes need to be set back further in her face, and need to have more room in the dent around them. Also, her skull needs rounding off at the back. Her ears are also too low and too big. The nose looks like it could be a little further out, but the actual shape of it looks very good.

I’ ve fixed the back of the head, brows, nose, and eye socket. The ears seem to be in the right place since i did follow the reference I used. Here’s some pics to follow what I’ am saying.


Here’s the other test rendered image with fixed eyebrows, nose, and forehead.


Hey blender heads, I got a great render coming soon and maybe i will do it tonight to show everyone. However, I may not have time because of my school work. I’ ll try my best tonight, if not, early in the morning.

I’m sorry that I failed to meet my goals. I had to do some essay assignment and now im far behind my college stuff. This may take awhile because of school and my lazy ways. sorry folks.

I’m sorry…I could not make it in time.:frowning:
College stuff, studying for finals, and studying some more had taken a toll to my goal to finish my character.

But, I’m going to finish her up when my semester is over(DEC 11)
I’m not quiting and I still believe there’s an artist in me. I can’t let it die. I want to keep trying.

OK! I’m making a come back! I’ll try with all my might to finish my character and test myself what my purpose is. I’ am working on her right now. Trying to see my errors and the ways I made her. My creation will be complete even if it takes years or so.

Good news Kaos. its a great project ur on there. keep it up. conquering UVmapping is something not all can do or have done…

All right! I’m working on the middle body and the rest of the body parts. This is going to tke some time but I know I’ll be able to pull this off.:slight_smile:


Hey, everyone! I’m back and decided to make this my hobby! I know I said I quit, but I decided to come back because I want to get into game development. I made some changes to my character and will keep everyone up to date on what’s going on. Check out my new changes on the head and hopefully I can redo the body.

Finally, after spending 18 hours on the chest and neck, I hope I got this right. BTW, Mr.bombs tutorial on how to model a female head was really helpful. I advise people to try it out. :). Also, there’s going to be nudity on the character, so please be aware.