WIP: The Iron Giant

Currently have only the head done, working on neck next -


Comments and crits welcomed! :smiley:

I like your use of toon shaders.

Keep it up. I look forward to the result.

Looks true to the original with nice clean lines, but you need a brighter light.

Slight update:



Looks very clean. Look forward to updates :slight_smile:

Wow. Very nice. Good choice of subjects. I liked that movie. Don’t forget the dent in his head.

Are you going to build Hogarth? Personally, I would go with Hogarth as a 2d element.

You are right on with those shaders. Keep going with this.

very nice I realy enjoyd that film.

Now working on body:


Looking good. Remember that it is the little details that make the model. Keep it up.[/list]

Iron Giant model sheets. Good refs: