[WIP] Third draft of my test movie 'Powerful'

It’s still ugly, and it’s still a bit dull, but dammit, the third draft of ‘Powerful’ is up, and that’s still something!

21:37 to 28:54 That took a bit too long to get to that point.

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I’ll remember that while making the fourth draft, thank you!

It is sometimes creepy / sometimes funny how the characters all look the same. What you might do is just change their skin colors slightly so they can be different, or maybe give them just some simple hats.

It is also sometimes hard to tell who is talking. You might be able to just have the character speaking nodding their head or something.

I also thought it was a water power at first because it looked like a puddle of liquid. Not sure how to make it look more like electricity.

I liked the cop car model. My favorite parts were:


The first time he was shot (in the alley). And looking around from the bed.
When they were walking in the park and sat on the bench.

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Thanks!!! I only expected a few remarks from people, thank you for the extra stuff :slight_smile:

The models were kept the same because it will be completely overhauled in fourth draft and would be hard to match the new faces to the old. They will be made different. I could have just changed skintones, didn’t think of that, good point! Same with talking, I still need to figure out how I’ll do proper lipsync and base any early work on that. I tried indicating with movement, but it became weird and ‘muppety’, so I made it a futur thing and just tried with camera focus.

The power effect… I still need to find good electricity tutorials. Any suggestions are welcome! It’s so cool you actuallylike the cop car, though! I promise, it willimprove a LOT in fourth draft :smiley:

And thanks for listing your favorite scenes/shots, that kinda makes my day!